2019 (2)

Issued: 01 / 2020
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6699
104 pages
Robert Dobra, p. 5-6
Towards the paths of developing a discipline: Albanian folkloristics in Kosovo
Arbnora Dushi, p. 9-23
From the native point of view: An insider/outsider perspective on folkloric archaism and modern anthropology in Albania
Albert Doja, p. 24-55
Kosovo Albanian diaspora in the frame of diaspora definitions and transnationalism
Lumnije Kadriu, p. 56-72
Tradition in new global contexts: From living to survival
Leontina Gega-Musa, p. 73-82
Ethnography of Albanian mountain tribes during WWI in the works of Karel Sellner
Robert Dobra, p. 83-94
An insight into the life of Albanian women in traditional and modern society
Jessica Cenek Koprlová, p. 95-104
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