2022 (1)

Issued: 10 / 2022
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6699
88 pages
p. 5
Child labour or child work? Complexities of socio-cultural life of the Wataturu community of Igunga, Tanzania
Stephano Lazaro Ayo, p. 15-31
The concept of cultural heritage to defend a territory from extractivism. Petroglyphs in Támesis, Antioquia (Colombia)
Sara Ortega Ramírez, p. 32-42
Interpreting identity impressions through community making: From Brussels’ autonomous collective through the ethnic Albanian triangle
Trime Halili, p. 43-59
Activist anthropology as a cultivating of participant observation
Hubert Mikołaj Tubacki, p. 60-69
Looking for more-than-human socialities. The role of anthropologist studing social forestry in Poland
Urszula Małecka, p. 70-77
Caught in-between: Spying and therapy in Intercultural Cities in the context of the ‘New Wars’
Rolly Rosen, p. 78-87
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