Guidelines for authors

The journal accepts articles in the scope of 6 000 to 10 000 words, Review Essays and Materials not exceeding 8 000 words, Reviews in the scope of max. 3 000, always including references and footnotes, which have to comply with the citation rules set out bellow. Short reports in the scope max. 1 500 words would be also accepted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in this format:

  • Title page with the title (and subtitle) of the text (in original language and in English), author name and his/her institutional affiliation, postal address, email, phone number (optional), 5-8 keywords and abstract (250 words) in English.
  • Original manuscript + manuscript fully anonymized without any indication of author´s identity or institutional affiliation with references at the end.
  • All figures, tables and photos should be added in separate document (.png, .tiff, .bmp, .xls, .xlsx), texts should be provided in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx, .rtf) and sent to the e-mail:


All references should be made in the text in format (name of the author(s), year, p. X). Footnotes are used just for clarification when further explanation is needed.

References should follow these citation rules. For details, please consult any of the articles on the web page of the journal.

a) Books

Bronner, S. J. 2016. Folklore: The Basics. New York — London: Routledge.Haring, L. (ed.). 2016. Grand Theory in Folkloristics. Encounters: Explorations in Folklore and Ethnomusicology. Bloomington–Indiana: Indiana University Press.

Festinger, L., Riecken, H. H., Schachter, S. 1956. When prophecy fails. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Eyal, G., I. Szelényi, E. Townsley. 1998. Making Capitalism Without Capitalists: Class Formation and Elite Struggles in Post-Communist Central Europe. London: Verso.

b) Journal article

Anderson, H. A. 1985. “Ernest Thompson Seton and the Woodcraft Indians”. Journal of American Culture 8 (1): 43–50.

c) Book chapter

Kaiser, R. 1987. “Chief Seattle’s speech(es): American origins and European reception”. Pp. 497–536 in B. Swan, A. Krupat (eds.). Recovering the Word: Essays on Native American Literature. Berkeley: University of California Press.

d) Digital sources

Tronti, M. 2010. “The Struggle Against Labor.” Online at http://operaismoinenglish. (accessed 6 October 2017).

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