2019 (1)

Issued: 11 / 2019
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6699
93 pages
Petra Burzová, p. 7-9
“In Karlov, we were like a Family”: Communal memory space as lived mnemonic device
Petra Burzová and Ilona Dvořáková, p. 13-23
Informal practices and bureaucracy: the role of habitus in resistence
Pavel Hulec, p. 24-33
Ethnic and class membership assignments: Slovak workers are a kind of people
Silvia McKenzie, p. 34-43
Mining for crime: Reflection of victimization survey in Czech socially excluded localities
Václav Walach et al., p. 44-60
Methodological and ethical limits of ethnographic research in the context of flexible production
Petra Burzová, p. 63-73
From the stories about life without work
Arnošt Bánom, p. 77-78
Lecture by Kateřina Nedbálková Workers and normal people: contemporary faces of working class, part of the lecture series “Ethnography and Theory”
Redakce, p. 81-81
The past and future of Prague, poverty and housing: Review of recent exhibitions
Alica Brendzová, p. 85-86
Interview with Hannah Schling about her research of work
Alica Brendzová, p. 89-93
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