2023 (1)

Issued: 12 / 2023
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6699
235 pages
p. 5-6
A Latin-Hungarian Prisoners’ Song from the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century
Rumen István Csörsz, p. 9-23
Some Patterns of the ‘Murdered Sweetheart Ballads’ in Oral Tradition, Early Recordings, and Popular Culture
Delia Dattilo, p. 24-40
Ballads as Collective Memory: Historical Circumstances and National Features
Arbnora Dushi, p. 41-51
Performing Identities and Negotiating Memory in Contested Spaces: Ukrainian Folk Songs in Contemporary Russian War Films
Adrienne M. Harris, p. 52-68
The Song of the Bells: First World War Songs in Romanian Tradition
Sabina Ispas, p. 69-84
Songs and Identity in Welsh Patagonia
E. Wyn James, p. 85-96
Arbëresh Songs on Scanderbeg as an Expression of Collective Memory, Longing, and Belonging
Lumnije Kadriu — Leontina Gega-Musa, p. 97-114
‘Do you remember, Lord Gregory?’: The Agency of Memory in Scottish Ballads
Thomas A. McKean, p. 115-124
‘José Pina E Maribela’: A Narrative Song About A True Suicide Pact
Ana Maria Paiva Morão, p. 125-169
Remembering the Poor in Serbian and South-Slav Oral Poetry
Sonja Petrović, p. 170-194
Songs of Separation, Non-recognition and Reuniting
Andrew C. Rouse, p. 195-208
The Mnemopoetics of Czech Traditional Ballads
Ondřej Skovajsa, p. 209-225
Characteristics of Female Figures and Memories of Women in Korean Narrative Songs
Youngsook Suh, p. 226-235
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